Discover how Growe helped Rise Brewing find a 3PL to fulfill their 10-fold growth in order volume


Rise Brewing is a New York City-based cold brew coffee company that specializes in ready-to-drink coffee and oat milk creamer manufacturing. The company has witnessed tremendous growth, scaling from about $5 million to $50 million in revenue in just under three years.


Rise Brewing’s explosive growth trajectory, while great for business, created a unique set of logistics challenges. The company initially partnered with a low-cost 3PL, which was suitable for their early stages of business development. However, as the company grew, they realized that their growth trajectory had shifted into other channels and though their existing 3PL partner was a good one, they were not equipped to handle the scope of the additional challenges and the new requirements of true omni-channel fulfillment.

Rise Brewing was already a few months into the process of searching for a more capable 3PL when they encountered Growe. The process was proving to be time-consuming, and finding a multi-facility 3PL that could handle their growth needs was proving to be extremely complex.


Rise Brewing met with a representative from Growe at a trade show, and it was at that time that it became clear there was room to establish a mutually beneficial partnership. Because Growe maintains a large network of 3PLs, the company was well-equipped to guide Rise Brewing through the complex process of selecting a suitable 3PL.

Growe introduced the owners of Rise Brewing with several potential 3PLs, each capable of handling these new and complex shipping needs.


In the end, Rise Brewing did not sign on with a 3PL from Growe’s network. Yet the expertise that Growe shared and the framework that Growe provided were both instrumental to the decision-making process that Rise Brewing ultimately used to make their choice.

The process of identifying, vetting, and selecting a suitable 3PL was expedited significantly, saving the Rise Brewing team invaluable time that they could refocus on their core business operations. The company is now better poised to cater to the demands of true omni-channel fulfillment, and with a robust 3PL partnership, they are ready to further scale their operations.

As with any project of this scope, getting the ball rolling is the hardest part.  We are a lean OPS team, and figuring out where even to start was a daunting task.  Through my personal network I was introduced to some of the wonderful folks at GROWE.

The introductions that they provided, feedback on our requirements and regular check-ins on our progress were the sparks that our team needed to get it done. While we didn’t end up partnering with one of their clients, if we were ever to start this process again, or if someone asked me who they should talk to to get their 3PL search started my answer would be the same.  Talk to GROWE first.

 – Ryan Byrd, Director of Operations, Rise Brewing

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