Growe and eHub Join Forces to Accelerate 3PL Client Growth with New Strategic Partnership

Dallas, TX – July 24, 2023 – Growe, a leading commercial real estate firm for 3PL companies, has formed a strategic partnership with eHub, a top shipping and fulfillment provider. This collaboration aims to provide Growe’s clients with access to eHub’s discounted shipping rates and enhance lead generation efforts for both companies, ultimately driving growth for 3PL clients.

Both firms currently provide free lead generation services to 3PL clients, helping them expand their businesses. This collaboration will enhance lead generation efforts by streamlining processes and pooling resources, resulting in a more effective and efficient system for identifying potential leads and new business opportunities for their shared 3PL clients.

The partnership offers two key benefits for 3PL companies:

  • Lower Shipping Rates: Growe’s clients can now take advantage of eHub’s competitive shipping rates, enabling 3PLs to optimize their shipping expenses and lower operating expenses.
  • Improved Lead Generation: By joining forces, Growe and eHub will be better positioned to identify potential leads and create new business opportunities, ultimately benefiting their 3PL clients.

This partnership demonstrates Growe’s continued commitment to supporting 3PL industry growth and providing clients with tailored real estate solutions.

About Growe:

Growe is a commercial real estate firm specializing in representing 3PL companies on managing their real estate portfolios across North America. The company provides tenant representation, market research, site selection, and lease negotiation services. The Growe team is committed to offering personalized and comprehensive solutions to its clients, helping them grow and expand their businesses. For more information, visit

About eHub:

eHub is a leading shipping and fulfillment company focused on providing discounted shipping rates to 3PLs. With a strong commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions, eHub aims to help businesses streamline their shipping processes and reduce operating costs. For more information, visit


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