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We only represent you, the 3PL. No landlords. No other tenants. Only 3PL’s, that’s what we do.

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You need free rent, flexibility, competitive economics, proximity to labor & intermodal systems – We got it covered.


When you grow, we grow. You need a great tenant representation broker, but you also need to fill your building. We take care of both.

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Customer Testimonials

Summitt and his team attack their goals with passion and are well beyond their years in commercial real estate. They work well with other brokers, are knowledgeable of real estate contracts and read situations well. You won't find a broker that works harder. Summitt is unselfish and honest.... truly represents you the way you'd want.
Matt Weiss
President / COO Eshipping Distribution Services
Summitt is the kind of young man you enjoy doing business with no matter the situation. He is honest, straightforward and has a tremendous set of values and this all shows up in the way he conducts his business. It's refreshing to do business with someone you trust from the word go. He is diligent, does his homework and his analysis is spot on, thus giving you the best deal possible. If you need a Real Estate Solution anywhere in the USA, you would be wise to reach out to Summitt and the Growe team. You will immediately know you made the right call.
BJ Patterson
President & Founder at Pacific Mountain Logistics

Growe Team

Summitt Hogue - Headshot - Growe

Summitt Hogue

Summitt specializes in working with 3PL companies across the country in a number of different ways. He integrates himself into the business model of each client and focuses on helping them manage their real estate portfolio while also working to build their business and fill up their warehouses.

Mike Darling Headshot Growe-Co

Mike Darling

Mike specializes in working with 3PL companies across the western region of the United States in a multitude of ways. While managing the real estate portfolios of his clients, he looks to integrate himself their business and procure warehousing deals to fill their buildings.

Jett Jones

Jett specializes in working with 3PL companies across the eastern region of the United States. He works with the goal of managing the real estate portfolios of Third Party Logistics companies as a tenant representation broker. Across the country, the demand for space in this field has become demanding, so feel free to reach out for any networking or expansion needs.